What is an array?

The array is stored multiple values in a single variable. In JavaScript array is an object. Array index start from 0 1 2 3 4….n first element 0 index second 1 index.

store multiple data in a names variable

Important Function in javaScript array

The javascript array length function returns the number of elements in an array. If there are no elements in the array length function return 0.

What is the different between == and ===

While I need to compare two value equality text not type text mains not require the same type.

#React js Components

React all about a component. There are many small components in a react js application small components together create big components. Like in there Facebook is a lot of small components navigation bar, footer, reaction bar, a single post all are components.

Error Handling try-case block

Try case used for handling error. The try-case is two-part one part is try and another part is the case.

Syntax of try-case

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